Drone topography and agriculture price calculator

Drone aerial photogrammetry services for public companies and public institutions in the field of cadastre, agriculture and forestry.Centimeter accuracy is provided by GPS RTK-PPK technology


to be measured (ha)
To accurately indicate 100 ha of surface, click on the cursor and use the left-right arrows to move it.


from Bucharest, on national roads (km)

Ground Sample Distance (GSD)


Field of use

Topography - RGB - visible spectrum
Agriculture - NDVI - multispectral infrared analysis


type of location of the land


terrain height gradient

by the topographer or by FAE


you can choose whether you get ready-processed images (orthophotomaps, 3D dot cloud, digital elevation model)

The price evaluation presented here is indicative, without being a contractual obligation.

Total (EUR):


Get a discount based on the surface:

  • 1100-2000 ha: 10%
  • 2100-4000 ha: 15%
  • peste 4100 ha: 18%

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Data to be extracted from the overflight:

  • Nadirale photos with geotag .JPG
  • processing, representing:
    • Ortophotoplan with / without level curves (.TIF)
    • 3D cloud of the digital model of the superfit, in Autocad format (.LAS)
    • Digital elevation model DEM - DSM (.TIF)
    • Coordinate inventory (stereo70 or ETRS89)
    • Activity Report (.PDF)

For other types of processing - such as flood study, vectoring, vegetation filtering (DTM) - a quote is needed to be negotiated later.

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Theodor Pallady 287, 4th floor
Inside I.O.R. 2
Bucharest, sector 3
+40 721 223 342


  • What kind of a flying machine are you using ?
    We are using a professional aerial plane drone type for topography and agriculture FAE 1718 Fixed Wing - REBEL drone.
  • What cameras do you use for aerial photos ?
    Aerial photographs are made based on project with SONY Alpha A6000 camera or Mavic 2 Pro - Hasselblad Camera camera with brushless video stabilizer.
  • At what height can you fly ?
    Maximum altitude we can fly is 2000 m.
  • Can you offer aerial filming also ?
    Yes. FAE FOTO makes aerial filming.
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